Change in planes, change in plans…

Those of you who have subscribed to this blog may be really confused with a premature blog post that went out at around 3:30 am this morning.  Well, it was 3:30 am, I was supposed to be in Chicago, and I was supposed to publish the blog post once I was physically at O’Hare.  Obviously, while still half asleep, I accidentally hit PUBLISH at 0’dark thirty this morning.  Anyways, travel plans can change at any time and they did this morning.

A text from Julie at 3:15 am indicated a change in our itinerary, with a bonus day in St. Louis.  My trip will actually start at 5:50 pm early this evening,  flying directly to Dulles Airport in Washington D.C. and catching another flight less than an hour later to Frankfurt, Germany.  No worries as the arrival to Frankfurt is around noon, landing way ahead of our originally scheduled flight to Colombo.  The scheduled flying time from Dulles to  Frankfurt remains a little over 8 hours which should still give Julie Rivinus plenty of time to finish beta testing her new App called “Eau De LAL” (Entertaining A.U. During Extreme Long-Ass Layover. You see, upon arrival to Deutschland at 11:40 am, there will still be eight hours to kill before our scheduled departure time of 7:50 pm to Colombo, Sri Lanka. Hmmm, how many times will I say “Kann ich noch ein Bier bitte?”


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