Jehan the host

Jehan is our host in Colombo, Sri Lanka.  He attended Wooster University in Ohio which is where he met Julie. Apparently Julie promised to visit him one day and although it took nearly 25 years, Julie is here to visit her old college buddy.  I am along for the ride which has been already unbelievable midway through day two.

imageJehan had a wonderful butler/house manager in Raja who is pictured opening the front door.  His personal cook Yamana is equally wonderful and not only prepares great coffee, but a unique and delicious shredded coconut side dish mixed with chilli powder, green chilies, onion, salt and pepper.  You can eat it with bread or do what I did this morning; sprinkle it on my eggs.  Finally, Jehan has a fabulous driver in Gammagay….I have endured a lot of different traffic patterns in many parts of the world and the driving here in Colombo is by Farr the most insane that I have experienced!


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