From Fortress to Lagoon Beach

imageIn the city of Tangalle, spending 2 nights and a secluded hide away with a private beach that has very limited access to people. After breakfast, took a long walk in the beach and then met up with Jehan, his family, and Julie to swim in the ocean. We found a gem is Sha Sha’s restaurant which is basically an ocean front shack run by three guys that serve the coldest beer along with the freshest seafood.

imageWe were served an awesome lunch of prawns, red snapper, and calamari that was caught fresh that morning.  The sun did peek out a bit and made for a fabulous way to spend part of imagethe afternoon. From there, poolside and then getting ready for a dinner on the shore of the Indian Ocean. Apparently, the chef is preparing curry crab and chile crab, all caught fresh this afternoon. imageTomorrow, off to Yala for a safari….hope the leopards don’t make a meal out of me!!!


3 thoughts on “From Fortress to Lagoon Beach

  1. BTW, I do have spelling and grammatical errors as the iPhone 5 sucks in terms of working with WordPress so please ignore. Hard to edit, update and fix errors.

    More importantly, Jehan was ready to give me the eye of the red snapper to eat but it fell in the sand. I picked it up, gave it to Jehan who washed it off with beer and ate it himself. By the end of the trip, will eat an eye. At least that is what Jehan thinks…..

  2. Oh sure, you will eat an eye and ride an elephant – I am hoping for both at the same time! What fabulous looking food!….(:D

  3. Oh yah blame it on the I-Phone as opposed to the fear of having to eat an eyeball LOL. Looks like you guys are having a great time. I’m looking forward to seeing all the pictures when you return. Eat an eyeball for me!!!

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