Buddhist Temple

imageAlthough it represents a very short portion of this trip, a dedicated post on the Buddhist Temple is in order. This was an unplanned visit; Jehan needed a few hours to focus on work and the suggestion was made to visit the Temple. I had to drive there without Jehan but Julie and Jehan’s housekeeper Chintaka were in the jeep to make sure I stayed on the left side of the road. Both Julie and I had to make sure our legs were covered to enter the Temple so we both put on the wraps we purchased on the beach the previous day.

imageThe Temple was (ready Joanne Vorih?) amazing.  Very peaceful and serene. Although nobody spoke English, the artwork told a beautiful story and the various statues helped illustrate the teachings. Buddhism is a way of life where one does not overindulge on things including food, drink, work, etc.

From the main area, it was necessary to hike barefoot imageup the smooth rock mountain up to Temple where the priest awaited. There, he blessed both Julie and me via a traditional Buddhist blessing. After being blessed, time was spent gazing into the ocean and soaking in the breathtaking view. We later found out that the point we were standing on was the approximate location of where the priest stood when he saw the incoming tsunami that devastated that part of Sri Lanka.  The location of the Temple is so high up that it was not affected by the tsunami of December 2004.


4 thoughts on “Buddhist Temple

  1. Simply nice! I am sure you will come back somewhat of a different person, if only philosophically, from this experience………..continued safe journeys….(:D

  2. I look forward to reading your posts every day. This one in particular has reset my way of thinking about the rest of my day and put a few things in perspective. I’m looking forward to your return to hear more details of the amazing adventure you and Julie are experiencing.

    • Deb:
      Both you and I have been fortunate to see a lot of the world. This trip has been truly a blessing. Looking forward to see you and Kirk and other close friends to share this experience

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