Panthera Lodge

imagethree days and two nights at Panthera Lodge, Jehan’s place in the outskirts of Yala National Park. It is an open home concept where you are sleeping under a roof on a great bed, covered in mosquito netting, and completely exposed to the outside…no windows, no screens, no nothing.  It was some of the best sleep I have had in years

imageDuring this stay, a safari was organized in Yala.  The wildlife was abundant and we were very lucky to see three leopards although my camera not good enough to get a shot worth posting. A small herd of elephants was encountered. Mama elephant wasn’t too happy and actually made a noise to let us all know to back off.  She simply wanted her baby and her other kid to cross the road safely. Beyond seeing water buffalo, crocodiles, wild boar, etc., we did see an albino boar.  Unexpected, rare, and totally cool.

imageBefore leaving Panthera for tea country, Jehan let me take his jeep to a Buddhist Temple down the road. After hiking up a steep stairway, the shoes had to be removed and additional hiking was done barefoot, up the Rocky Mountain to the temple where I was blessed by the priest.


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