Farewell Dinner in Sri Lanka

imageThursday, January 10 was a travel day from the Manheim Hotel in tea country back to Colombo.  Although the distance is only 200 KM, due to lack of highways, the treck took five hours.  A stop was made for some tea and small eats as they call them here in Sri Lanka. I had the most interesting  piece of pizza that required an additional slice; cheese, chilli pepper, onion, carrot, and other veggies.

imageUpon our return to Jehan’s house, final shopping was completed where I adopted a small wooden baby elephant to display in my home as a special memory of this trip.  In addition, a wooden Buddha statue came home with me; it is the peaceful and serene version that was seen throughout my two weeks in Sri Lanka. A beautiful Buddha prayer bead neck lace was also purchased, a very special gift handmade by Jehan’s friend who owns her own jewelry store called 1948.

imageThe highlight of the evening was dinner with Jehan’s cousins. Pictured are Chrishan, daughter Karin and wife Mihela from Dallas, TX and his other cousin Ravi’s family from Colombo imageincluding son Shael, daughter Shemiah, and wife Sanchita.  The dinner was a traditional Sri Lankan meal (minus the wild boar due to some issues previously mentioned) that was delicious. I cannot wait to make a meal like this at home.

imageAfter dinner it was time to go to the airport. When it was time to say goodbye to Jehan, I will admit that I teared up and had difficulty expressing my gratitude other than giving Jehan a hug and a quick thank you.  He made this trip so special; his hospitality was so genuine and he opened up his home to me as if I had been his friend for years prior. Thank you Jehan and thanks to Julie Rivinus who invited me to go to Sri Lanka to visit her Wooster College friend.  What an amazing trip this has been.


2 thoughts on “Farewell Dinner in Sri Lanka

  1. Thank you for being brave enough to come with me! I can not imagine it without having you there to share it with! Now it is Sat A.M and I am trying to settle back into reality. I woke up looking for Raja with the tea. This could take a while.

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