My Oscar Adventure

oscarEvery year, I vow to go see every Oscar nominated movie prior to the annual Academy Award Show.  Every year, I fail to even come close to seeing half of the nominated movies; this holds true for those years prior to 2009 when the Academy nominated only five movies for Best Picture, let alone the recently established standard of ten. Nevertheless, 2013 is a year committed to adventure and challenge.  In the spirit of my resolution, the goal is to see every movie nominated for Best Picture of 2013 on or before the airing of the 85th annual Academy Awards scheduled for Sunday, February 24 at 7:30 pm CST on ABC (hosted by Seth MacFarlane, creator and voice of Family Guy).

In case you missed the announcement, the nine (yes, nine, not ten)  nominees are:

popcornMy prediction of the winner? That would be ME as a finally treat myself to seeing a few handful of what I hope to be great movies.  For those in St. Louis, let me know if you are interested in going to see any of the above movies other than Argo; saw it with Sri Lanka adventure and travel buddy Julie Rivinus in December. Stay tuned for weekly updates of my movie viewing status along with general impressions.


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