Movie 1: Argo

Argo PosterIn response to the United States sheltering the deposed Shah of Iran, the U.S. Embassy in Theran is stormed by Iranian militants in November 1979, taking a group of American’s hostage in what became known as the Iran Hostage Crisis.  Six U.S. diplomats evaded capture, hiding out at the home of Canada’s Ambassador. Argo, starring and directed by Ben Affleck, is a dramatization based on these real events, focusing on how CIA operative Tony Mendez led the rescue attempt of these six U.S. diplomats.

thumbsEveryone has different criteria for what makes a movie the “Best Picture”. In the absence of universal standards, I have created my own, not as an Academy insider, but as an Oscar watcher and occasional movie goer.  Basically, 1) was the movie entertaining, 2) did I think about the movie afterwards?, and 3) would I see it again/recommend it to others?

argoimageIn the case of Argo, I was entertained and never once hoped/wondered when the movie would end.  Didn’t think too much about the movie after seeing it but I would be willing to see it again and recommend it to others.  By the way, Brad Pitt was originally supposed to play the part of Tony Mendez but due to scheduling issues, Ben ended up taking the part.


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