Movie 3: Life of Pi

life of piLife of Pi chronicles the adventures of a young man seeking the meaning of religion who happens to deal with a disaster at sea. His epic journey is one of adventure and discovery that involves a bond with a Bengal Tiger.  Available in 3D, I chose to see this version of the movie which is well worth the extra effort.  The last movie I watched in 3D was Avatar and the quality of Life of Pi in 3D surpasses that of what I recall from Avatar.

Was I entertained? A definite YES although a tad bit slow in the middle but something that is just a detail and not a detriment to the movie experience.  Did I think about the movie afterwards? life-of-pi02Yes; it brought up some interesting thoughts and questions about life although I will probably not think too much about the message of the story much past a day or two. Having said that, would I see it again?  Yes I would; obviously not right away but totally entertaining, particularly the artistry in the movie.  I highly recommend seeing it in 3D; this movie was made with the 3D effects in mind that were lifeofpi3consistent throughout the 2 hours.  Would I recommend it to others?  Yes, go see it, particularly in 3D (did I mention that enough times?).  The movie’s entertainment value is high, offers an interesting message that will make you think, even if just a little bit.  Ang Lee delivers as Director and kudos to his talents.  The hard part is figuring out if this movie is a better picture than Argo; hard to tell since they are so different and I need to chew on that for a bit. Bottom line, well worth paying the ticket to see it in the theater.


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