My Whole30 Adventure

30daysSince mid-November 2012, my trainer (with the help of another trainer who works closely with a sports nutritionist) mapped out a different food plan to ensure I would eat enough protein.  As a result of this adjustment, I no longer bonk in the middle of my workouts and it has really made a difference in losing inches.  In an effort to reach my personal goals, I started my Whole30 adventure today!

meatWhat is Whole30? It is a 30-day program whereby certain foods such as sugar, grains, dairy, and most legumes are eliminated to let the body heal and reset. It is not a diet designed to lose weight; the focus is to cut out all inflammatory, gut-disrupting food vegetablesgroups and to eat real food for a full 30 days (hence the name Whole30).  What will I eat?  I will eat foods with pronounceable ingredients including meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables, some fruit and plenty of good fats from avocados, oils, nuts and seeds.  blueberryWhat will I completely eliminate?  I will not consume added sugar of any kind, real or artificial; no alcohol; no grains including wheat, corn, rice, bulgar, oats, etc.; no beans, no dairy, processed food or beverages, and no white potatoes.

avocadoHonestly, this isn’t too different from how I try to eat at least 5 days out of the week although, as I have been going through the guidelines, I realize that I still do consume a lot of hidden sugars, both artificial and natural.  In addition, I am cutting out my favorite thing this time of year…a nice glass of red wine. macadamianNot a huge sacrifice if this is supposed to re-boot my system and make feel more energized, and just great all over.  The one thing I will be very curious to see is if this helps with the leg cramps that I seem to experience several times a week. The other thing that I am hoping is that this may help me sleep 7-8 hours straight throughout the night, without walking up or suffering from occasional mini-bouts of insomnia. I will give you a final report in 30 days!


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