Whole30 Week 1: What I Have Learned

I am in the process of completing my Day 7 on the Whole30 program and it was suggested that I take a moment to reflect and write down what I have learned during this first week. So, here are my quick thoughts:

Eat-Stop-Eat-healthy-eating1.  While I have personal fitness/weight loss goals, my reason for doing Whole30 has absolutely nothing to do with weight loss; it has everything to do with giving my body a chance to reboot.  It dawned on me this weekend that if my motivation for this was to lose weight, I would have already fallen off this wagon. The Whole30 program is a much bigger commitment than weight loss; it is about being truly healthy and that has made all the difference in terms of staying on track.

mentallystrong2. I am much stronger mentally than I ever gave myself credit.

3. Although it has only been one week, my last three workouts (Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday with off day on Friday) were executed with a lot more energy than I have had in a long, long time.

Zzzzz-l4. My sleep patterns are improving.  I fall asleep much quicker.  While  I still wake up in the middle of the night, the frequency is less and, unlike before, I am able to go right back to sleep. Ahhhhhhh!  I hope this trend continues to improve so I end up sleeping like a baby soon.

5. Rather than needing to eat every 2-3 hours because I was hungry, over the past couple of days, my body seems to be able to go 4-5 hours without needing to eat.  It will be interesting to see what happens over the course of the next three weeks.

pathThese are the five main things that I have recognized during week one, particularly in the past couple of days.  Honestly, day 3 seemed like this entire program would last an eternity and I just could not wrap my head around doing this for another 27 days; I mentally struggled on Wednesday but I got through it and I did not falter.  As I approach the end of one full week, I am experiencing more of a sense of looking forward to continuing an interesting journey for another three weeks.


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