Movie 6: Amour

amour_ver2_xlgWritten and directed by Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke, Amour is a French-language drama about a retired couple’s experiences during a time where their bond of love is tested by a family situation. Jean-Louis Trintignant (who plays the husband) and Emmanuelle Riva (who plays the wife) put in believable and beautiful performances that are Oscar-worthy.  Note, Riva is up for Best Actress in a Leading Role whereas Trintignant was not nominated in either the Leading or in a Supporting role.

I went into this movie knowing nothing other than I knew I would need to read subtitles. Was it entertaining? Yes.  Did I think much about the movie Amour-Jean-Louis-Trintignantafterwards? Yes. Even if you don’t like the movie, some of the thought-provoking scenes should make you wonder (or actually think) a little bit. Would I recommend it to others?  Yes, assuming you appreciate foreign films and realize that the action isn’t comparable to “Die Hard 37”.  Keep in mind that I am not guaranteeing that you will like the movie; nevertheless, it is worth a shot to give this movie a try if you are the least bit curious.


5 thoughts on “Movie 6: Amour

  1. Your comments are hard to read because this is the one movie I had planned to miss seeing. I’m just not sure I’m strong enough for the theme. Now I feel I have to reconsider…

  2. “heavy” movie; probably one to see with you spouse. If you are torn because you don’t want to miss out on a movie that might give Oscar to Riva for best actress, go see it this week. If you aren’t hell bent on being in the “know” while watching the Oscars, put in on your list. Of the six I have seen so far, Amour is in the top three……

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