Movie 8: Lincoln

lincolnLincoln is an American historical film dramatizing the president’s struggles with the ongoing Civil War and his decision to end slavery in the United States. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the cast includes Daniel Day-Lewis (Abraham Lincoln), Sally Field (Mary Todd Lincoln), Joseph Gordon-Levit or 3rd Rock from the Sun fame (Robert Lincoln), James Spader (W.N. Bilbo), and Tommy Lee Jones (Thaddeus Stevens).  Just like all the other movies nominated for an Oscar for Best Film, was this movie entertaining, did it make me think and would I see it again and/or recommend it to others?

lincoln2As surprised as I am to say, I was very entertained watching this movie.  Despite the serious nature of the film, humor was interjected appropriately, making it fun to watch. On top of that, the way the story was told kept my interest which is a testament to Spielberg’s talents in using the camera to make the movie work.  Coming into the movie, you already know the outcome since it focuses on a historical event but to be able to make the viewer get engrossed, to me, is an indicator of a good movie.

lincoln3Did I think about the movie much afterwards? No, but it wasn’t designed to be that kind of movie so this isn’t a negative.  Would I see it again and/or recommend it to others?  I would probably see it again and would definitely recommend it to others.  Interestingly, this movie is long in terms of length but it did not feel like it while watching. Overall, this movie is simply delightful.


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