Whole30 Halfway Point!

HalfwayPointToday is Day 16 of my 30-day, Whole30 challenge so I am just a little over half way there! Has it been challenging? Yes. Can I finish this? Absolutely. The fact that I have been eating “whole food healthy” 75% of the time for the last handful of years has been my saving grace; this program is more of a temporary state of eliminating certain ingredients, additives, and foods which requires diligently reading labels, particularly when it comes to making sure all added sugars, both natural and artificial, have been keepgoingeliminated.  Read a few labels at the grocery store or take a look at your pantry…any product containing the word sugar, sucrose (along with anything ending in “crose” or “tose”), syrup, nectar, fruit/cane juice, honey, molasses, sorghum, aspartame, Equal, Nutra-Sweet, saccharin, Splenda, Stevia, Truvia, Sweet-n-Low, or a bunch of sugar alcohols (i.e. glycol, glycerol and anything ending in “ol”) is off limits. On top of that, no grains, no dairy, no legumes, no alcohol, etc.

Rather than focusing on what I can’t eat, below is a quick snap shot of what I have been making from scratch and totally enjoying!  This entire experience has reminded me how much I do like to cook and I plan on doing that more often.  In addition, the sincere support of my family, friends, and co-workers has been invaluable.  Thank you so much!

spaghetti squashCreamy Tomato Basil Chicken over Spaghetti Squash (left) courtesy of my cousin Camilla Maybee’s website TGIPaleo.com

crabcakesCrab Cakes and Sweet Potato-Coconut Soup (left) courtesy of Jan’s Sushi Bar

tacosaladMexican Salad with homemade guacamole via  Whole9life


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