Whole30 Home Stretch

Today is day 23 of the Whole30 Program and I am in the home stretch of this adventure with just one more full week to go before I am officially done!  Many of you following my Whole30 adventure have asked some great questions and I figured I would quickly share with you my answers.

Why did you decide to do the Whole30 Program?

pillsAbout two years ago, I was temporarily put on a  medication that really screwed up my metabolism; despite eating relatively healthy and working out diligently, I gained 35 lbs.  Once I got off the meds in June 2012, I assumed the weight would “fall off”.  Despite busting my ass in the gym, eating healthy, and doing many things to get in shape, nothing was happening.

Whole30_NOToward the end of October 2012, after many bonked work- outs and several episodes of tears at the gym, my trainer revamp my eating regimen to include necessary amounts of protein in my diet. Finally, my body  started to respond and I was able to see a light at the end of a very long tunnel. In an effort to rid my body of any residual meds and toxins, I committed to the Whole30 Program as a much-needed “body vacation”, whereby the focus was eating nutrient-dense, non-processed foods full of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.  The purpose was to establish a healthier metabolism while maintaining a balanced immune system. I really wanted to re-boot my entire system and to focus on my health (rather than a number on a scale).

Is there anything specific that you miss?

red-wineThe only thing that I have occasionally been mourning is that glass (or two) of good, red wine, particularly when I am out to dinner.  Surprisingly, I don’t miss the cream and sugar in my coffee anymore.  I don’t really crave sweets but that doesn’t mean I am no longer haunted by the “sugar dragon”.  Just this past week while on business in Minneapolis, although I had no problem giving my fries away, when my salad came with an Olive Garden-esque warm, garlic breadstick with a side of butter, it took monumental strength not to cram the breadstick, the butter, and the accompanying plate, for that matter, in my mouth.

How much weight have you lost or do you hope to lose?

get-off-the-scaleI don’t know and I don’t care.  I did not elect to do this program to lose weight.  The Whole30 program is designed to provide the opportunity for the body to heal by eliminating gut-disrupting, inflammatory ingredients.  The Whole30 program actually discourages getting on the scale so that the focus remains on how you feel without any prejudice offered by a number on a scale.

What are you going to do once your 30-days are over? 

conscious-mindI will continue to consciously eat healthier and focus my food intake toward real, pronounceable ingredients but make no mistake: the very first evening after the Whole30 adventure will include a Whole30 friendly dinner with a glass (or two) of good, red wine. Having said that, is an order of beef nachos from The Post going to happen in the unforeseeable future? Yes, although not every single Friday Happy Hour. Will I eat bread? Probably but certainly not as much as in the past. Will I drink beer during NCAA March Madness? Absolutely. Some things will never change.


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