Guidebook to ST. Louis Adventure!

guidebook-auAs I was wrapping up my Whole30 adventure, I was starting to wonder about my next challenge or experience. Nothing was resonating with me and I decided to refrain from over-thinking the process and to just enjoy my birthday week. Two days after completing my Whole30 adventure, I was having dinner with my great friend Dana who gave me a very thoughtful book (signed by one of the authors!) called Guidebook to St. Louis (by and for St. Louisans). I immediately said to her, “This is going to be my next adventure!”

Seriously, I have lived in St. Louis a total of almost 12 years; the first time I lived here for three years (1997-2000) and then quit my job and moved to Boulder, CO without a job. After three years in Boulder, I moved back to St. Louis in 2004 because I wanted to come back. Despite living here a significant amount of time, I have often told myself that I really have not fully experienced a lot of cool things that this city has to offer.  My assumption has always been that I will eventually get to it.  Well, what better time than the present, right? Time to get on and go experience St. Louis!

funThe authors of the Guidebook to St. Louis have identified 14 distinct neighborhoods, dedicating a chapter to each neighborhood. Following a brief history, the chapter is divided into three sections: 1) Food and Drink, 2) Recreation, and 3) Shopportunities. My plan is to venture out to all 14 neighborhoods over the course of the next two months, making sure I eat and/or grab a drink at a place I have never been to, partake in a recreational activity, and check out at least one shopportunity unique to each of the neighborhoods. Can’t wait to start the fun and tell you all about it!


5 thoughts on “Guidebook to ST. Louis Adventure!

  1. What a great idea! I can’t wait to read about it. I’d love to participate in the fun as well…keep me in mind for a play date.

  2. Ok, not that an out-of-stater has to tell you this but you must go to the City Museum with your friends for a wacky Willy Wonka type experience!……Bunki!

  3. AU, i went to j-school with the author of that book. Let me know if you want to connect. Would love to join you in some of these adventures.


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