STL Adventure 3 – “Outstate”

keeven drivewayMy St. Louis Adventure recently included a bonus trip only briefly mentioned in the Guidebook to St. Louis and technically not a required exploration destination for A.U.’s Adventures.  Although within the state of Missouri, the trip falls under the book’s definition of “Outstate”. My friend Dora Smith invited the girls up for the weekend to her parent’s farm near Washington, Missouri for some R&R at her and her husband Dave’s new log cabin. They started building the log cabin during the spring of 2009 using logs that stood on a nearby farm for over 100 years. You can check out the cabin progress via Dora’s blog.

angie-saraSo, after work on Friday, four gal pals packed up and headed to the Smith Cabin.  Via historic Route 66, we stopped for a mini-happy hour at the Big Chief Roadhouse in Wildwood. The seasoned house Pow Wow chips went well with my very cold Zwickle draft.  The BBQ smoked jumbo au-dorawings were perfect!  After dinner and many, many laughs, we continued our journey to the Keeven farm in New Haven, Missouri. Upon our arrival to the cabin, Dora’s dad had already built a fire in the fireplace located in the kitchen.  It was so nice to come into a toasty warm cabin!

wine-robblerThe next day after breakfast, we hiked for about an hour around the perimeter of the Keeven farm.  After the hike, we packed up our snacks and headed to Robbler Vineyard and Winery in New Haven. Owned by a couple from Glendale, Missouri, the winery was celebrating their 22nd anniversary the day we were there so the reeseatmosphere was very festive. We were able to taste a few wines as well as some cheese that a local farmer only recently started selling. We made friends with “Reese”, the very cute puppy that came with another group of people to hang out for the day. The rest of the afternoon was spent sitting in the sun at a picnic table, sipping the HIllside Blanc and the Dry Rose, laughing and enjoying the day.

cabinAfter the winery and a short walk along the river in New Haven, it was back to the cabin for Sara’s chicken and some more wine for dinner. Dora’s parents Ron and Lois came up afterwards to play cards.  An evening of rummy ensued where I learned not to mess with Mrs. Keeven. She plays a good game!  chairsThe night went by quickly and before we knew it, we were all fast asleep in a quiet, cozy cabin.  It was a very great weekend and I look forward to coming back again and checking out New Haven.  The little city seems to be booming a bit and it will be interesting to see how it grows and matures over the next couple of years.


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