Remote Locations Yield Poor Access

imagesMuch to no surprise, internet access on a cruise ship in the middle of Alaska is quite limited.  Honestly, what a wonderful perk of this trip as I am truly able to check out of the real world. slow down, breathe, and enjoy the beauty of this place.  There are many experiences to share but will have to wait when I can post my pictures….although here is a quick preview of the highlights of the first few days:

1. The train from Anchorage to our ship was an amazing 4 hour ride through some of the most beautiful scenery; if you can, make the effort to do this ride.

2. I have seen close to twenty whales in the ocean as we were approaching and cruising through Glacier Bay; that does NOT include the whale watching excursion yet to experience later this week

3. Speaking of whales, during breakfast on Tuesday, the ship took a very sudden and severe right turn to the point that many dishes fell from the tables in the main dining room.  The captain eventually let everyone know that he needed to use a lot of rudder to avoid colliding with a whale.  It was a little scary but all good.

4. According to the navigator, the weather during our cruise into Glacier Bay was uncharacteristically sunny, warm and wonderful.  I look at my pictures that I snapped with my iPhone and am amazed and the rich colors of blue.  It was a great day!

5.  So far, I have had fish and seafood at every meal, including breakfast.  My fellow cruise-mates think it is pretty “interesting” (i.e. interpretation “gross”) but as a Lithuanian, I love my herring and/or salmon first thing in the morning.

So, when I am able to get reliable access, I will offer you my daily adventures here in Alaska, leaving you with a quick thought:  if you ever considered doing an Alaskan cruise, I highly recommend it.



One thought on “Remote Locations Yield Poor Access

  1. Cool AU, looking forward to seeing the pictures and discussing your trip when i am there in St. Louis.

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