Day Two – Morning in Anchorage & Train Ride

imageDay two involved spending the morning at a local weekend market and festival in Anchorage.  The locals told us to go to Two Fat Guys to order the Mojo Loco, a scrambled imageegg breakfast with onion and potato that was delicious.  Could not resist trying a sample of salmon quesadilla which sounded gross but was good.  Sampled Chugach Chocolate (jalapeño flavored and habanero flavored, both delicious).  A lot of interesting characters including cute five month old doggie Smokey. We met Shannon who has been selling her ceramic pottery for ten years.  Bought some cute earrings from a guy whose mom makes them for fun.  She should charge more for her work but glad she doesn’t.

From there, caught the train at the Anchorage railroad station to take an amazing four hour ride to Seward vimageia the most scenic Alaskan route.  The train compartment offered comfortable seats and not only windows but essentially a glass ceiling for unrestricted views of mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, and wildlife.  We all had a few rounds of “Mosquitos”, a delicious vodka drink that will come back to bite you if you have too many!  All was good though.  We arrived to Steward and boarded our ship!  Set sail at 8pm.


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