Day Three – A Day At Sea

roomviewAfter an unbelievable train ride from Anchorage to Seward, I boarded the ship called the Statendam. Since the price of this particular cruise went down a few bucks a few weeks prior to this trip, a room up-grade crowsnestwas offered, providing us a port-hole view of the outside world. As the ship left Seward Port at 8 pm on Sunday, it was time to get comfortable with the ship as all of Sunday night and Monday was spent sailing the high seas.  The top deck of the ship offered the Crow’s Nest, a bar with music that offered 360 views of Alaska 24/7.  There was easy access from the Crow’s Nest to the outside upper deck as well.

view of boat cruiseMonday morning started out with me checking out an using the workout facilities.  Hey, will all the food offered, it wasn’t a difficult decision to make.  Actually, during my early Monday morning run, I spotted my very first whale siting from the corner of my eye.  There were many more to come. From there, the day was spent finding where and when food was being served (and what kind), checking our each deck, and simply soaking up the sun on one of the many outside decks, looking out to the big blue sea at the mountains that were initially so far away.

oceanbarMy friends and I did stumbled upon the Ocean Bar Monday afternoon which offered a daily happy hour from 4-5, something that we took advantage of every day thereafter.  Dinner typically took place shortly after happy hour in the Rottendam Dining room where, as I promised myself, I ordered fish or seafood at every dinner.  By the way, I had fish at every breakfast too (usually herring and/or salmon).  I was in heaven. After a beautiful day at sea, it was necessary to get a good night sleep as Day Four of my Alaska Adventure was to Glacier Bay, one of the most unbelievable sites I have seen!


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