Day Five – Haines, Alaska

haines-hainesEarly morning Wednesday, Captain Sijbe de Boer cruised the ship to the port of Haines, Alaska, a small town located in the northernmost portion of the Alaska Panhandle on the Chilkat Peninsula near the Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. The morning was initially pretty foggy as indicated in the picture to the left.  Although the city resides near a glacier, it has an uncommonly warm climate and there were some beautiful flowers already in bloom.  One of the haines-flowersmost popular attractions in Haines is the Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve; during the months of October through February, the sanctuary houses the largest number of bald eagles in the world. There were several different excursions that I could have booked and, in retrospect, wish I would have because the down really doesn’t offer too much excitement and entertainment (sorry Haines!).  The Takshanuk Mountains are not that far off where one can hike or do some off-road vehicle adventures. A visit to the Davidson Glacier offers breathtaking scenery from what I hear.  O well!  Next time.

hained-hammer museumI did take a walk into Haines after breakfast to take a look and see what the town was all about.  Of course, there were shops to buy souvenirs and trinkets. Haines is home to the Hammer Museum, a small little house dedicated to, uhm, the hammer.  You can’t miss it….it is the house with the big Hammer in the front yard.  I was curious to go in and look at the 1,000 different hammers housed in the small building but for some reason the three dollar cover charge annoyed me so I decided to walk on by. Other than haines-fog cuttershops, there are a few bars including The Fogcutter.  Took a quick look inside, looked pretty cool but 10:00 am was just to early to belly up so I continued along my walk around town.  Other than seeing a guy start carving a totem pole and noticing the Harbor Bar and Liquor Store/Lighthouse Restaurant, it was back to the boat to go work out and chill-out in the awesome hot tub!  From there, it will be time for the daily Happy Hour at the Ocean Bar with Mr. Johnny Perfect!

hained-liquor store


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