Day Eight & Home: Great Alaskan Adventure!

last legAfter a great day in Ketchikan, we got back on the boat and basically spent the evening to enjoy our last happy hour with waiter “Johnny-Perfect”, eat yet one more wonderful meal at dinner, and spend time on the deck taking in the beauty of the last of Alaska. Very peaceful, very beautiful and a nice way to end the last evening on the ship.

vancouverThe next morning after breakfast, it was back to the deck to watch as the city of Vancouver, British Columbia was getting closer and closer on the horizon.  What a beautiful city! Most of us had already spend time there and the decision was made to simply leave the boat and go directly to the airport to catch our late morning flight. If, however, you have never experienced this great city, I suggest you spend a few days to explore Vancouver.  Love that city!

chicagoOur flight took us from Vancouver to Chicago and then from Chicago to St. Louis.  We got into Lambert Airport around 9 pm on a Sunday, all the baggage arrived for us to take home, and that was that! I will tell you, this trip was fabulous on many accounts including the fact that despite never previously traveling with any of my friends, we all had a great time and realized we are a good traveling group.  This is a memory I will cherish and an adventure that I hope many of you will be inspired to take! Bon Voyage!


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