About A.U.’s Adventures

srilanka elephantThe A.U.’s Adventures blog started out as a means to provide my family and friends with photos and quick updates of my December 2012-January 2013 trip to Sri Lanka.  Why a blog? I have an established professional blog in the hearing industry with the uber-creative name “A.U. Bankaitis’ Blog“.  I started the blog in 2010 to provide quick information about products and industry news to my Audiology colleagues.  Based on that experience, it made perfect sense to start a personal blog to electronically journal my adventures not only for my own personal record, but to make it accessible to my friends and family.

au-dame endnaFrom this small intention blossomed the idea to expand the personal “Sri Lanka” blog to a grander scale whereby I could journal any and all exciting, challenging, and/or fun adventures in the New Year.  As simple (or lame?) as it sounds, my goal for 2013 was to plan for and have more fun!  I figured a blog would be an easy and efficient means of not only documenting my adventures, but the perfect vehicle to keep my 2013 resolution alive and honest.  After all, if I am too busy working or too busy leading a boring life, there won’t be much to blog about, would there? As penned by Stephen King’s character Jack Torrence, “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy“.

Vince-Vyto-AU-SaulTo read about my adventures, go to A.U.’s Adventures and use the menu bar in the left-hand margin to select specific adventure categories to read up including my Sri-Lanka Adventure, my Oscar-Adventure, and my Whole30 Adventure.  When accessing a specific category, the most recent blog posts appear first so if you want to read things in chronological order, scroll down to the bottom (you may need to even click “Older Posts” to get to the very beginning).  If you want to get an e-mail any time a new posts is published, subscribe to A.U.’s Adventures by entering your e-mail in the box appearing under the header “Follow My Adventures”.  Check your in-box (including SPAM folder) for an automated message from WordPress that will require a confirmation of your subscription. Feel free to add your two cents in any of the blog posts by adding a comment, particularly if you are doing something similar or if you have ideas for my next adventure!


8 thoughts on “About A.U.’s Adventures

  1. Been thinking about you and your adventures so far away as we ski in Steamboat where it is -12! Looking forward to some pictures of the drambuke that you will be bringing back to St louis!……(:D

    • Happy New Years Bunki!!!! Love steamboat and can’t wait to go skiing with you guys soon. We are actually off to an elephant orphanage this morning so I will be able meet drambuke and get all the papers ready to bring her home. I hope the neighbors won’t mind having an elephant in the neighborhood!!!

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